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Some photos from the archives...

I spend time each year on the coast of South Carolina. Here are some favorite shots from that area.

By Late February, Hooded Mergansers are in full courtship mode. Males fan their crests, jerk their necks back and utter a grunting to impress females.

Most Red Knots winter far south of the United States, but some stay in South Carolina. This bird has shed its reddish breeding plumage for more subtle winter feathers.

These white-tail bucks are looking at a group of people walking down the beach. When the people passed, the deer walked out of the dunes to the surf line, where they walked in the foamy water for a several minutes.

Cedar Waxwings get their names from the Atlantic Red Cedar, or juniper, berries they love eating. 

One of the first flowers to bloom in South Carolina, and one of the prettiest, is its state flower, Yellow Jessimine.

Ospreys are found around the world, including along the South Carolina coast. Seconds after I took this photo, my subject flew off to the top of a power pole to finish its meal.

Caw Caw County Park near Kiawah Island, SC, is a stronghold for the uncommon Red-headed Woodpecker. 
Photos by Rick Marsi

All rights reserved.



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