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Photos from October...

Golden leaves of a Sugar Maple on the banks of the Chenango River in Central New York.

Flickers are the only woodpeckers we regularly see on the ground. This one does not have a black "mustache," making it a female.

They're on the ground because they feed on ants as one of their main food items.

We've had a bumper crop of hawthorn berries this fall, and the robins are eating them up.

Hundreds of migrating robins pass through my yard each October, feeding on berries as they make their way to wintering grounds in the southern states.

It won't be long before the Green Herons here are off to southern wintering grounds.

Winterberry, or Swamp Holly berries, stay on their host plants after all the leaves have fallen. By early November, you'll be able to see them easily as they stand out at the edge of wetlands and other wet places.

Photos by Rick Marsi
All rights reserved.



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