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Some favorite pine tree photos...

Loblolly Pines, Virginia.
Grow 60-90 feet tall. Maximum 180 feet. Cone is 3.5 inches with stout prickles. Gulf Coast and Southeast north to Virginia and Delmarva Peninsula.

Scotch Pine, New York.
Grows 25-50 feet tall. Maximum 100 feet. Many varieties have twisted trunks. Cones 2 inches long with no prickles. Bark on upper trunk is bright orange.

Lodgepole Pine seedling, Yellowstone, MT.
Often grows to 80 feet. Maximum is 150 feet. Needs fire to open cones. Most common in Rockies and Sierra Nevada.

Pitch Pine cones and needles, New York.
Grows 40-60 feet tall. Maximum is 100 feet. Widespread in dry sandy pine barrens such as those in New Jersey and on Long Island.

Eastern White Pine.
Often grows more than 100 feet tall. Maximum is 220 feet. Mature cones measure 5.5 inches and are sticky with resin. Needles come in clumps of five. Throughout much of eastern USA.

White Pine, New York.
White Pines germinating in the shade of other trees grow straight like this one. White pines germinating in sunlight are attacked by a beetle when young. Beetle kills the lead shoot and causes the tree to become multi-trunked as it ages.

Red Pines, New York.
Grow 50-80 feet. Maximum is 150 feet. Trunk is straight and pale silvery. Cones measure 2 inches. Very commonly grown in plantations.

White Pine and needles, New York.
In September, White Pines drop thousands of needles. They keep just as many, thus remaining evergreen.

Ponderose Pines, Oregon.
Grow 60-130 feet tall. Maximum is 260 feet. Valuable lumber trees. Cones 4.5 inches. Needles 7 inches. Throughout much of the West.

Photos by Rick Marsi

All rights reserved.



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