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Juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird

In the flower garden... Clematis Wisley

Great-crested Flycatcher at Nest Cavity

Green Frogs in the Garden Pond

On the grill... Alaskan Salmon

In the vegetable garden... First Poblano Peppers

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker and Fledgling

Fledgling Gets Fed!

Male Robin with Lunch for Nestlings.

Where's dinner? A Pileated Woodpecker nestling peers from the entrance of its nest cavity, waiting for its parents to bring food. There were two nestlings: this female and a male.

A female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at her nest cavity. She popped in seconds after this picture was taken.

This is gardening season and we love to garden. We especially enjoy our 7 clematis vines. This one, Clematis Viva Palonia, doesn't grow tall, but it makes up for height by producing copious beautiful blooms

Nothing says blue like a male Indigo Bunting. They like brushy areas and sing a song made up of couplets that sound like "here, here, where, where, there there."

Columbines bloom through May and June. The flowers are an interesting combination of drooping bells on the bottom and long, curved spurs on the top.

This House Wren was foraging along a fallen stump when we passed by. Where is that feisty tail stuck straight up in the air?

We noticed this White Oak seedling growing in one of our elevated raised beds on the deck. A chipmunk must have buried an acorn last fall. I dug up the seedling to discover the whole acorn package, which you can see in the next photo. Then I stuck it back in. We are now officially tree farmers.

Wild Lupines. I photographed them during a recent visit to Cape Cod, at the Fort Hill Preserve. That's Nauset Marsh in the background.

Photos by Rick Marsi
All rights reserved.


New Brown Pelican and Willet photos added to "California Birds" - (1/16/2015)

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