Rick Marsi Diary

Following are a collection of sightings and thoughts.

Sightings for June

June Sightings

June 1, 08 - Gobbler gobbling most of the day. Tanager and bunting also singing actively. 

June 1, 09 - On the river. Many waxwings. Several rough-winged swallows. Heard warbling vireo and yellow-throated vireo. Yellow flag iris are blooming. Numerous clumps of dame's rocket along bank.

June 1, 10 - Gobbler gobbling in woods near house. Hen clucking in yard, then walking into woods toward gobbles. Also scarlet tanager singing for about 15 minutes in afternoon. Walk near Whitney Point: Indigo Bunting, Brown Thrasher, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Black-billed Cuckoo, Prairie Warbler, Towhee. Pearl Crescent, Wood Nymph and Great Spangled Fritillary butterflies. Indian Paintbrush flowering.

June 1, 14 - Pair of broad-winged-hawks circling and calling overhead this morning. Wood Thrush still here and singing. Scarlet tanager singing regularly at back entrance to Binghamton University. Just at dusk a doe and tiny fawn appeared at the edge of the back woods. Another doe was near, but the mother would not let her approach the fawn.

June 1, 15 - There's a chipmunk burrow at the edge of the driveway. It's a golf ball sized hole in the ground. Driving onto the driveway today, I watched three chipmunks pitch into that hole at full speed, one after the other.

June 1, 17 - Twelve-inch Snapping Turtle on grass at side of road in BU Nature Preserve

June 2, 01 – Male turkey calling in yard – vigorously. Veery calling at 6 p.m. 20 or more cedar waxwings flying about. 

June 2, 07 - Several butterflies in the yard, including tiger swallowtail nectaring at rhododenrdron, and Peck's skipper at flowers of salvia.

 June 2, 09 - Yellowthroat singing loudly here in the morning. First sign of this bird here this spring. 

June 2, 10 - Walk at Howland's Island Wildlife Area, Port Byron. Orchard Oriole singing in willow at the edge of  wetland pond filled with twanging green frogs. Numerous redstarts. Pied-billed grebe with five young. Several moorhens. Photographed snapping turtle at scrape by edge of path. About to lay eggs. Drove to nearby Montezuma  Wildlife Refuge. Watched two juvenile bald eagles swooping at each other over the water. One trumpeter swan at Tshache Pool. Purple martins in residence at houses by interpretive center. Willow flycatcher singing "fitz-byew" in front of center.

June 2, 11 - Walk near Whitney Point. Prairie warbler in field that once held a red pine plantation but was cleared when the trees were blown down five years ago. Now the field is clogged with raspberry and other early succession species. Also saw indigo bunting in a slightly more developed brushy area, and rough-winged swallow perched on wire over culvert in stream. Ragged robin blooming profusely. 

June 2, 12 - Nuthatch Hollow sightings... Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole, Red-winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Veery, Wood Thrush - heard, Phoebe - h, Gray Catbird, Tree Swallow, Robin, Redstart, Black-throated Green Warbler, Ovenbird, White-breasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, Common Crow. Bird sounds... Oriole (here, here, over here, dear), Restart (CCCC Camp), Ovenbird (Teacher, Teacher, Teacher), Veery (marble rolling down drainpipe), Wood Thrush (flutelike), Nuthatch (nasal ank, ank, ank), Titmouse (Peter, Peter, Peter).

Mammals...Porcupine. Insects... Monarch Butterfly caterpillars on milkweed. Amphibians... Red Eft Salamander, Green Frog- h. 

June 2, 13 - On the river... Scarlet Tanagers and Great Crested Flycatchers especially active. Heard a Black-billed Cuckoo. Wild Parsnip, Dame's Rocket and Ragged Robin flowering on roadsides. At home... Three Wild Turkey hens in yard and back woods at 7 a.m. Much yelping. No chicks present.

June 2, 14 - On the river... Many warbling vireos; 3-4 yellow-throated vireos; a rough-winged swallow exiting a nest in mud bank (former kingfisher nest); an adult and an immature bald eagle; many spotted sandpipers; a cormorant circling high overhead. No cedar waxwings.

June 2, 15 - At 3 a.m., coyotes howled briefly in the upper woods.

Heard the Great-crested Flycatcher calling right at the edge of the yard at 10 a.m. Also heard a Red-bellied Woodpecker's scratchy call.

June 2, 16 - Observed here in the yard... White-breasted Nuthatch, Red-eyed Vireo (h), Mourning Dove, Scarlet Tanager, Wood Pewee (h), Gray Catbird, Robin, Downy Woodpecker, Dark-eyed Junco, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Chickadee, Turkey Vulture, Chimney Swift, Ovenbird, Cardinal, Cedar Waxwing, Chipping Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse, Rose-breasted Grosbeak

June 2, 17 - Ragged Robin and Dame's Rocket thriving along roadways. Black Locusts have been flowering profusely for a wek. There petals now cover roads under large trees.

June 3, 01 – Tanager singing in woods above house. Hairy woodpecker squeaks. 20 or more cedar waxwings flying about and calling.

June 3, 06 – Photographed Mountain Ash flowers from tree on Stanley Lake Rd. 

June 3, 07 - Got a close look at a male indigo bunting singing in the yard. Glimpsed first fawn crossing path in woods. Saw chipmunk take a drink from garden pond - second creature (blue jay first) observed taking advantageous of it. 

June 3, 08 - For second straight year, first fawn is seen here, this one crossing driveway with mother (not yet shed of winter coat). Brown thrashers digging up mulch in front of house in search of insects. At the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve near Danby... Birds heard but not seen: black-billed cuckoo, worm-eating warbler, Nashville warbler, redstart, chestnut-sided warbler, savannah sparrow, veery, red-eyed vireo, blue-headed vireo, yellow-bellied sapsucker. Birds observed: pileated woodpecker, goldfinch, field sparrow, kingbird, alder flycatcher, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, bobolink (two males and female on shrub in field). Wildflower of note: Robin- Plantain. An aster look-a-like but actually a fleabane. Pale violet ray flowers, yellow disk. Around 16-inches high in meadow. Very pretty. Dragonflies of note: Green darner and female widow skimmer

June 3, 09 - Pair of robins landed in a wet spot on the lawn. Female mucked about a bit before flying off with a large glob of mud in her bill. Nest building! Also, common whitetail dragonflies have returned to my rock garden walls. 

June 3, 10 - Black-throated green warbler singing here in morning. Walk near Whitney Point... Good looks at Baltimore Oriole, House Wren, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager, Prairie Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Rufous-sided Towhee. Also saw Goldfinch, House Finch, Mourning Dove, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Red-eyed Vireo, Chickadee, Ruby-throated Hummingbird (attracted to bright orange shirt of a colleague) and Cedar Waxwing. Heard Veery and Ovenbird singing.  Ragged Robin, Deptford Pink and Robin-Plantain (in Fleabane family) in bloom. Pearl Crescent and White Admiral butterflies observed. 

June 3, 11 - Magnolia warbler flies to top of larch tree here, and sings. Then flies into lower covers and sings again. Then, silence. Black locusts are heavy with flowers - a great year for them. 

June 3, 13 - Watched a male hummingbird perform its "U" shaped territorial flight this morning. The bird was quite high - 30-40 feet. 

June 3, 15 - In a brushy field near Castle Creek... Tiger and Black Swallowtails nectaring on Autumn Olive. Prairie Warbler, Alder Flycatcher, Towhee and Yellow-rumped Warbler singing. Brown Thrasher in flight, but no song. First Indian Paintbrushes flowering. Painted Turtles floating suspended in farm pond, only their heads above water. At home... Purple Finch singing loudly near driveway. Wood Thrush singing in the distance above the house. Common Whitetail dragonfly sunning on the garage roof.

June 3, 17 - Red-bellied Woodpeckers continue gorging on suet in hanging cage feeder.

June 4, 01 – Great crested flycatcher singing in front yard. Black-throated green warbler sings briefly in woods above house at 6 p.m. 

June 4, 06 – Yellow-billed cuckoo calling here. Simple “cowp, cowp” call. Photographed Dame’s Rocket here. Male hummer does his aerial display flight for us near the wiegelias. 

June 4, 07 - Susquehanna River trip. Approached a juvenile bald eagle perched low in a tree. Paddled to within 40 yards of the bird, got out and walked to edge of bank, within 35 yards. The bird essentially ignored me, preening,  looking about. Bird showed white on the throat, back of neck and top of head. Other birds: indigo buntings, great crested flycatchers, yellowthroats, chestnut-sided warbler, warbling vireo, yellow-throated vireo - all singing. Flushed pair of wood ducks, with female uttering "whoo-eek" call in flight. Photographed ragged robin and dame's rocket, which are blooming in profusion. 

June 4, 08 - Brown thrasher and catbird seen near the house. Thrashers are digging through leaf mulch on flower garden, seeking insects. Indigo bunting singing all day. Good look at great crested flycatcher, which also sang all afternoon. Pileated woodpecker drumming on very resonant tree trunk. On the road, grackles and robins all over the blacktop. Perhaps eating inchworms that have fallen from overhanging forest trees. 

June 4, 09 - Heard a loud "pee-ee" overhead. Looked up to see soaring broad-winged hawk. I like to actually see the hawk when I hear this sound, because blue jays can - and do - imitate the call perfectly. 

June 4, 10 - CV State Park... Observed red-bellied woodpecker in nest hole, 30 feet up in hardwood. Green heron flying over Lily Lake. Small snapping turtle and painted turtle sunning on logs there. Photographed columbine, rattlesnake weed, northern bush honeysuckle, bladderwort, water lily and a new dragonfly - chalk-fronted corporal.

June 4, 11 - At Waterman Center... Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Pileated Woodpecker, Redstart, Yellow-throated Vireo, Blue-winged Warbler. 

June 4, 12 - Birded a salt marsh on coast of Connecticut. Highlights: 12 Glossy Ibis feeding in the marsh; photo of Little Blue Heron, Least Tern and Great Egret; two very active Purple Martin houses; close-up look at singing Carolina Wren. 

June 4, 14 - Black-throated Green Warbler singing at very edge of back woods in evening. Wood Pewee also in song. First Common Whitetail dragonfly (a male) in yard. Ragged Robin blooming along roadside by the entrance to driveway. Dame's Rocket blooming along roadsides everywhere.

June 4, 15 - Wood Thrush singing close in the back woods at 4:55 a.m. Black and Tiger Swallowtails sipping nectar from recently flowering Japanese Iris blooms. 

Birding at private residence near castle Creek, our Thursday group got six new species for the spring. They were: Mourning Dove, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Cedar waxwing, Prairie Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Eastern Phoebe. We now have seen 78 species in 7 outings. One highlight of the foray: Wonderful looks at a male Scarlet Tanager, which came out of the woods to perch at the top of numerous maple saplings in an overgrown field.

June 4, 16 - Wood Thrush singing in back woods at 8:30 a.m. 

June 4, 17 - Wood Thrush singing in back woods. 
Broad-winged Hawk lands briefly on 20-foot-high stub at edge of road across  from driveway.

June 5, 07 - Robins actively nest-building on ledge at corner of house. This is a striking pair. The male is boldly patterned, with black red, bright orange breast and bright yellow bill. Female is pale brown, almost tan, on head and back, with pale breast. Phoebes are incubating eggs on other side of house. Two tiger swallowtails nectaring on flowering wiegelia shrubs in yards. Joined by first hummingbird sphinx moth of the season.  Grassy areas now spattered with yellow from buttercups and bird's foot trefoil. 

June 5, 08 - Birding near Sanitaria Springs. Black-throated blue warbler singing in forest undergrowth. Rufous-sided towhee singing and observed. Maidenhair fern observed for first time this season. 

June 5, 09 - Heard the first nasal, whining attempts at cawing by recently fledged crows today. It will continue for weeks, as they beg for food and complain about being hungry. At Salt Springs State Park, Pa....Wonderful look at a singing winter wren in hemlock woods overlooking a stream. Also there... blackburnian and black-throated green warblers. Yellow-throated vireo in hardwoods by another stream lower in the park. 

June 5, 10 - Jones Park... Dark-eyed Junco, Chipping Sparrow, Ovenbird, Common Yellowthroat, Black-capped Chickadee, Cedar Waxwing, Scarlet Tanager, Red-eyed Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo, Black-throated Green Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Veery. Birds heard: Tufted Titmouse, Hermit Thrush. Lots of wood sorrel in flower. 

June 5, 11 - Doe and fawn in the yard. Fawn still quite wobbly.

June 5, 13 - On the river.... Floated under another adult Bald Eagle. Then watched two immatures circling overhead, mildly harassed by crows. Encountered female Common Merganser with 8 chicks. 

June 5, 15 - First fawn sighting at our place. One fawn racing about in circles through the back yard, while its mother calmly munched tall grass just inside the woods.

June 5, 17 - Multi-flora Rose starting to bloom along roadways.

June 6, 06 – Kayak the Otselic River. Gauge at 2.3 feet. Current swift, water slightly discolored. Fe, male hooded merganser with 5-6 very small young. She flapped away while they hid against the bank. Willow flycatcher called fitz-bew. Ragged robin in flower. Photographed it. Phoebes feeding young here. Multi-flora rose in bloom. Veery singing in back woods very early in morning.

June 6, 07 - Two singing indigo buntings at Binghamton University Nature Preserve. Flicker calling from atop a dead stub. Little wood satyr butterfly fluttering over grasses at woodland edge. Typical habitat. Dark brown wings with two gold spots on forewing, rimmed in black. 

June 6, 08 - Pair of brown thrashers busily gathering food for young. Doe and tiny fawn in back yard 7 a.m. Pileated woodpecker working dad stump of aspen at edge of yard. Wood pewee singing in evening - first time heard at this location this year. 

On the river... Many catkins of shagbark hickories floating on the surface. Many clumps of flowering dame's rocket on the banks. Also saw third mink of the season, hunting along the shore. First ebony jewelwing dragonflies - emerald green bodies and black wings. 

June 6, 10 - Four hen turkeys in the yard. Strong winds knock down thousands of pale orange pollen flowers from white pines by the driveway. The pollen this year was impressive. Scarlet tanager singing again, for the second or third straight day.

June 6, 11 - Black-throated Green Warbler sings once in back woods at 11:30 a.m. Female flicker on lawn hunting ants. 

June 6, 12 –Waxwings eating honeysuckle berries. Photographed Song Sparrow at CV State Park.

June 6, 15 - At Jones Park, Vestal, NY... Field Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse (h), Prairie Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Red-eyed Vireo, Ovenbird, Northern Flicker (h), Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Tiger Swallowtail, Red Eft (Red-spotted Newt) Salamander, Bracket Fungi Sassafras.

Here at home... several Ravens croaking overhead at noon.

 June 7 – Male sapsucker in back yard. Tom turkey gobbling. In company with bearded hen only. 

 June 7, 07 - Susquehanna River sightings: Water low, clear and cool after 40 degrees overnight. Hen common merganser with 12 young. She herds them against the bank under an overhanging tree as I float past. They are still and silent. Very cute little ones, with rusty heads and bright white chins. After I pass, she begins making a ruckus as she paddles swiftly upstream, her youngster madly paddling to keep up. Doe and fawn cross the river. Another doe peers down through tops of grass on the bank above. A male red-winged blackbird chases a drake mallard 100 yards down the river - around 40 yards high - before returning to his original post. Kingbird flutters out and takes floating mayflies off the surface. Crows harassing soaring red-tailed hawk high above. First green heron of the season observed. Dark damselfly lands on yellow kayak. Dark body and wings, except for coppery tinge on wings. 

 June 7, 08 - Jones Park, Vestal. Birds seen: chipping sparrow, blue jay, robin, winter wren, dark-eyed junco, red-eyed vireo, Louisiana waterthrush, blackburnian warbler, prairie warbler, turkey vulture, yellow-belied sapsucker. Birds heard: black-capped chickadee, yellow-rumped warbler, black-throated green warbler, veery, wood thrush. Wildflower: Canada mayflower. Trees: striped maple with dangling seeds. Amphibians: red spotted newt (red eft phase), American toad. Reptiles: garter snake, Butterflies: viceroy (black line through hind wing told it from monarch), tiger swallowtail. 

 June 7, 09 - Heard wood thrush singing in upper woods around 7:30 a.m. The first time here this year.

 June 7, 10 - Heard Common Yellowthroat singing in brush below house. First time here this year. Black-throated green warbler still singing here.

 June 7, 11 - On the river...  Cedar waxwing eating juneberries in large tree by the shore. Baby crow, just fledged, not able to fly, flapping around on the ground at river's edge. Parent bird watching. First monarch butterfly of the season. Carp spawning in shallows. 

 June 7, 12 – Wood Thrush singing behind house at 8 a.m. At Upper Lisle park… Good warblers, including Black-and-White, Redstart and Chestnut-sided. Three vireos: Yellow-throated, Red-eyed and Warbling. On the river… One hen Common Merganser with 20 no-fly youngsters. Everyone churned up the river when they saw us. Heard the Yellow-billed Cuckoo but didn’t see it.

June 7, 14 - At Upper Lisle (barrier road)... Black Tern, Bald Eagle, Osprey, Green Heron, Spotted Sandpiper, Catbird, Song Sparrow, Tree Swallow, Baltimore Oriole, Cardinal (h), Warbling Vireo, Yellow-throated Vireo, Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Willow Flycatcher, Cedar Waxwing, Red-winged Balckbird. Ragged Robin all along roadsides.

At home... Wood Thrush sings through the morning, just into the back woods.

June 7, 15 - On Cape Cod, at Yarmouthport and Barnstable Harbor. In my host's back yard: Carolina Wren in song. Fish Crow calling and flying overhead. Occasional Chimney Swifts hunting overhead. Catbird in the bird bath.

June 7, 16 - Cuttyhunk Island, MA. Numerous Sooty Shearwaters dipping to the surface to feed on sand eels chewed up by striped bass and floating to the surface. 

June 7, 17 - First doe and fawn seen here.

 June 8 - 06 - Very hot and humid. Discovered a robin's nest in Japanese maple at Waterman Center. The bird tried entering the tree very quickly and quietly as we were standing nearby. Female robin is sitting on nest on my house.

June 8, 07 - Return visit to Jones Park to identify wildflower seen there yesterday. It is Virginia Waterleaf (long protruding stamens, irregularly cut 5- to 7-lobed leaves; flowers can be white or pale violet; these were white; 12-inches tall). New bird (not seen or heard yesterday) is hermit thrush (singing).

June 8, 08 - On the river... Saw three nests, one of which was an oriole's, dangling over the water from an arching silver maple. Also saw a mourning dove on its nest in about five feet high in small tree on the bank; and a titmouse cavity 25 feet up in an ash by e side of the river. Other highlights: a pair of adult bald eagles. One bird perched 40 feet high in a tall dead hardwood only 20 yards from the river's edge. We floated almost under the bird while we watched a yellow-billed cuckoo. Heard and saw 5 or 6- yellow-throated vireos and nearly as many warbling vireos. Many cedar waxwings over the river. Also heard blue-gray gnatcatchers in riverbank silver maple. 

June 8, 09 - Wood thrush sang exactly once at deep dusk.

June 8, 10  - BU Nature Preserve. Pair of Swamp Sparrows at boardwalk. Two male orioles singing at each from 30 yards apart. Filed Sparrow singing in upper field. Flushed a woodcock from trail. It fluttered 30 yards ahead, then landed again on trail. Got very good looks. Field loaded with gray dogwood, ready to flower.

CV State Park - Walked at Lily Lake. Spished up yellow-rumped warbler, goldfinch, gnatcatchers. Also wood duck and hairy woodpecker. Blue flag in flower. Photographed spatterdock. Photographed huge red oak in Tween Lakes picnic area by pavilion. Pileated calling there.

June 8, 11 - On the river... Heard Black-billed Cuckoo calling. Also Blue-winged Warbler and Indigo Bunting near parking area. Flushed a hen Common Merganser out of a big black willow on river bank. A few minutes later, she had circled back and was over the area again. A nest in that tree. Observed Pearl Crescent butterfly in meadow along river.

June 8, 12 – Six Cedar Waxwings still eating honeysuckle berries at edge of yard.

June 8, 13 - At Jones Park... Birds: Prairie Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Ovenbird, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Field Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Blue Jay, Robin, Red-eyed Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo, Cedar Waxwing, Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, Turkey Vulture, Great Blue Heron, Downy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker (h), Veery (h), Scarlet Tanager (h). Amphibian: Red Eft Salamander. Mammal: Porcupine. Tree: Trembling (Quaking) Aspen. 

 June 8, 14 - Birding at Andersons yielded a new bird for the season: Alder Flycatcher. Calling clearly in brushy field. Black Swallowtails nectaring on Devil's Paintbrush and Ragged Robin. Here.... Great-crested Flycatchers heard far into upper woods.

June 8, 15 -  On the water, at mouth of Barnstable Harbor: Least and Common Terns diving together, a great chance to compare their relative sizes.

June 8, 16 - On beach at Westport, MA... Observed a Piping Plover hunkered on sand inside a protected nesting area. Also watched Least Terns feeding their recently fledged and begging offspring, feeding them sand eels they had captured.

June 8, 17 - In Northeastern Pa, photographed Least Flycatcher, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Ruffed Grouse on road, Cedar Waxwing, Kingbird, plus Pasture Rose and Daisy Fleabane. Fields filled with Buttercups and Indian Paintbrush.

 June 9, 07 - Cold front arrived with rain last night. Weather today is perfect, with breeze, low humidity and mid-70s. Two chipping sparrows went to war in the grass a few yards from me. A real wrestling match for several seconds. I must conclude these are two rival males. Many skippers appear on the salvia. Three tiger swallowtails at once on Japanese iris. Nesting birds at my house (determined by which species are singing here now): indigo bunting, yellowthroat, wood pewee, red-eyed vireo, catbird, cardinal, robin, chickadee, chipping sparrow. Watched male hummingbird weave noisily back and forth in front of yew bush at edge of driveway. He did this display two feet off the ground. A few seconds after he flew off, another hummer flew out of the bush where the male had been displaying. I couldn't see if it was a male or female.

 June 9, 08 - Cardinals and goldfinches still coming to sunflower feeder, but visits are way down. Most birds are feeding young with insects at this point. Salvia is now blooming and attracting butterflies. Wild turkey gobbler still gobbling!

 June 9, 09 - Ovenbird singing at dawn. No gobblers or gobbling, but several hen turkeys walked through yard separately. Also observed two young woodchucks with adult.

 June 9, 10 - Flock of cedar waxwings has discovered ripening berries of tartarian honeysuckle at yard's edge. Great crested flycatcher calling.

 June 9, 11 - At Salt Springs... Winter Wren singing by the stream. Hermit Thrush and Veery in woods. Yellow-throated Vireo in Willow by stream. Yellow Loosestrife blooming in meadow.

June 9, 12 - Birds seen at Waterman Conservation Center, Apalachin: Blue-winged Warbler; Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, Ovenbird, Gray Catbird, House Wren, Scarlet Tanager, Hairy Woodpecker, Chickadee, Goldfinch, Blue Jay, Eastern Towhee, Cardinal. Birds heard: Pileated Woodpecker, Veery, Wood Thrush, Redstart, Chestnut-sided Warbler. Also saw Monarch caterpillar on milkweed. 

 June 9, 13 - On the river... Encountered a juvenile bald eagle perched in a low tree. Also saw at least one soaring overhead. Observed a Willow Flycatcher calling in scrub willows along riverbank. In the afternoon, photographed Indigo Bunting at Jones Park.

June 9, 14 - Scarlet tanager singing below driveway; Wood Thrush close in upper woods.

June 9, 16 - At SaltSprings State Park... Two Winter Rwen fledglings scurrying about the forest floor in deep hemlock grove next to deep ravine and stream. Their gapes were still yellow. Also in the hemlocks: Blue-headed and Red-eyed Vireos. A lone Bobolink gave us a look in a nearby meadow.

June 9, 17 - Heard the Wood Pewee singing. This bird has been very quiet thus far in spring. Also heard Great Crested Flycatcher calling very close to the house. Unable to see the bird, however. In fact, I have not seen a single one of these birds all spring, although I hear them almost every day. Several Tiger Swallowtails in the yard today, as there have been for the past several days.

 June 10, 06  - First doe and fawns seen – in side woods path. Multi-flora rose blooming.

 June 10, 07 - Took a walk in a bobolink meadow. Five or six males flying about, in gorgeous breeding plumage, singing loudly. Females also. Several times I saw pairs drop from the air into the tall meadow grass. Also observed and heard savannah sparrow. Cow vetch in purple bloom. Also Indian paintbrush, buttercup, daisy and gray dogwood shrub. Brown thrasher singing at meadow interface with brush line. Chestnut-sided warbler singing at woodland edge. First monarch butterfly of the season observed, on milkweed, which is producing flower buds now (perfect size for eating). Photographed female widow skimmer dragonfly - abdomen distinctly outlined in gold. Also photographed juvenile common whitetail dragonfly on garden rock wall. Wings look like adult male; body like adult female.

 June 10, 08 - Upper Lisle on Clay Banks Trail. Yellow, chestnut-sided warblers, plus redstart, great-crested flycatcher and a pair of yellow-billed cuckoos. Also many tiger swallowtails. Also saw first white admiral and pearl crescent of the season. Two juvenile bald eagles flying close together over wetland. Several times they veered and jousted, as if in play mode. One was much darker than the other.

June 10, 10 - Walk at Salt Springs State Park... Black-throated Green and Blackburnian Warblers, Blue-headed Vireo, Indigo Bunting, Scarlet Tanager, Black Billed Cuckoo, Baltimore Oriole and Redstart. Toning down all that color were a Veery and Brown Creeper. At another location, I photographed several male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at a sunflower feeder.

 June 10, 11 - At upper section of BU Nature Preserve.... Willow Flycatcher calling. Also numerous Prairie Warblers singing. Heard Blue-winged Warbler and Field Sparrows. Also several Towhees.

 June 10, 12 - Birds calling and singing in woods at edge of house: Purple Finch, Wood Thrush, Pileated Woodpecker and Red-bellied Woodpecker. First male Rose-breasted Grosbeak of the spring sighted at feeder.

 June 10, 13 - Great Crested Flycatcher calling here in light rain. 

June 10, 14 - Purple Finch singing loudly in woods.

June 10, 15 - On Cape Cod, I put the spotting scope on several dozen Common Eiders and Double-crested Cormorants waiting out a heavy wind on a sandbar off Chatham.

June 10, 17 - Make and female Cardinal together at sunflower feeder. They both fly off as another male Cardinal appears and seems to chase them out of sight. Immediately, a second female Cardinal flies onto the feeder, joined by a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. In the garden I hear a single high-pitched call from the Broad-winged Hawk. Looking up, I just catch a glimpse the hawk disappearing over the treetops with a crow in pursuit.  

 June 11 – Gobbler and bearded hen, plus three Jakes all here. Gobbler still calling. Wood thrush, veery, rb grosbeak. Robins looking at nest on house but don’t seem to have begun second nesting. Young robin on the ground with adult. Two tiger swallowtails.

June 11, 06. Flicker in the yard and feeding in stone wall.

June 11, 07 - Scarlet tanager singing in back woods, after being quiet for two weeks. Phoebes feeding young from dawn to dusk. female robin flies off nest every time I enter the front yard. But she quickly returns after I pass. Three or four chimney swifts buzz over the yard every evening. Small flock of cedar waxwings also in the yard, but the honeysuckle is not ripe yet, so they have no fruit. Soon they will feast, when the red berries hang heavy on the row of honeysuckle along the split-rail fence.

June 11, 08 - In woods at Choconut, Pa.: hermit thrush singing steadily. Also wood pewee. Great-crested flycatcher perched on garden fence. At home, three tiger swallowtails feeding on flowers of wiegela shrubs. Many skippers on salvia.

June 11, 09 - Birding at PA Gamelands near Great Bend. Chestnut-sided warbler, yellow warbler, yellowthroat, black-throated green warbler, blue-headed vireo, veery, wood thrush (heard), rose-breasted grosbeak.

June 11, 10 - Cedar waxwings are becoming a presence here, due to abundant berries on the honeysuckle. Rose-breasted grosbeak sand for an hour close to the house, and made several feeder appearances.

June 11, 11 - At Nuthatch Hollow... Several male orioles, good looks at several red-eyed vireos, close looks at black-throated green warbler, redstart, veery, house wren and indigo bunting.

June 11, 12 - A black bear entered the yard from the woods at 5:30 p.m. About 150 pounds. Very sleek and healthy. Headed for the feeder. I banged on a kitchen pot with a metal spoon to discourage it. The plan worked. The bear reversed direction - never in a hurry, nor appearing frightened - and ambled out of sight.

June 11,13 - At Upper Lisle, we heard several singing American Redstarts. Also a female Common Merganser with 6 young on Merrill Brook.

June 11, 15 - Wood Thrush singing close to the house in side woods at 8 a.m. Also heard Great-crested Flycatcher, Wood Pewee and Red-bellied Woodpecker. Black Swallowtail in back yard tall grasses. Common Whitetail dragonfly male on rocks of back wall. Fifteen-inch Garter Snake also there. In the evening, birded at Jones Park. Saw two new birds for the season: Winter Wren and Louisiana Waterthrush. Also Blackburnian Warbler and Indigo Bunting. Clintonia Lily berries starting to develop. Toothwort in flower in woods. Highlight of the evening: watching a Black-throated Green Warbler bathing in a pool in the stream.

June 11, 16 - Morning walk at Jones Park, Vestal (overcast/hazy sun; 65 degrees; calm winds)... Birds (h = heard): Red-eyed Vireo (h), Veery, Song Sparrow, Field Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat, Blue-winged Warbler (h), Rose-breasted Grosbeak (h), Indigo Bunting, Scarlet Tanager, Broad-winged Hawk, Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, Brown Creeper, Robin, Black-capped Chickadee (h), Blue Jay (h), Blue-headed Vireo, Pileated Woodpecker (h). Trees: White Oak (rounded lobes on leaf), Sassafras (leaves with different shapes), American Hornbeam (also called Muscle Wood), White Pine (multi-trunked when growing in fields). Flowers: Indian Paintbrush. Ferns; Interrupted (Spore clusters interrupt leaflets on frond); Bracken (branches into three; good fiddlehead for eating).

June 11, 17 - Jan comes upon a fawn, bedded in tall grass not far from the driveway. It leaps up and bounds away. At least two recently fledged Juncos are foraging in the gardens around the house.

 June 12, 06 – Beautiful red-bellied woodpecker at Woodbourne. Also pished in a singing veery quite close.

June 12, 07 - Pileated woodpecker calling close in the woods. House wren also back and singing.

June 12, 08 - Tanager singing here at 5:30 a.m. On Clay Banks Trail at Upper Lisle. 6 to 7:30 p.m. Several male redstarts, plus male chestnut-sided warbler, cardinal and veery observed. Pair of male Baltimore orioles perched at top of tall dead tree beside wetland. Keeping them company was a pair of goldfinches. Late evening sun on birds was impressive. Kestrel also observed flying across the wetland and then perching in dead tree. Green frogs actively calling. May butterflies flying on wooded trail, especially in sunny openings. They included: European skippers, pearl crescents, a white admiral, several red admirals (jousting with one another before perching in sunlight) and a question mark, which also enjoyed perching on curly dock plants in the glade.

June 12, 10 - Walk at The Glen... rufous-sided towhee, common yellowthroat, chestnut-sided warbler, blue-winged warbler, veery, scarlet tanager, phoebe, wood pewee, house wren, goldfinch, yellow-bellied flycatcher, pileated woodpecker, blue-headed vireo, song sparrow, cedar waxwing. Beautiful clump of Canada anemone flowers, more than a foot tall.

June 12, 12 - Male Rose-brested Grosbeak coming to sunflower feeder daily now. First sighting of female today.

June 12, 14 - Birded Keibel Road in Whitney Point. Highlights included an Indigo Bunting, plus 5 warblers: Yellow, Yellowthroat, Chestnut-sided, Redstart and Blue-winged.

June 12, 15 - At the Depot in Newark Valley at 6:30 p.m.: a pair of Chimney Swifts zooms over, twittering at full volume.

June 12, 16 - I continue getting reports and photos of a nearly-white Red-tailed Hawk nesting in woods along a busy road near Owego.

 June 13. At Chris’s. Sapsuckers very active in nest. 25 feet up in dead tree. We saw a male hummingbird buzz up to, and hover in front of, a male sapsucker while the sapsucker was hitching up a tree in the woods. The hummer hovered in front of the sapsucker, even hovered again in front of it when the sapsucker moved three or feet up the trunk. Got a good look at hermit thrush. Pale rusty tail. Prominent (compared with veery) spots on throat and upper breast.

June 13, 06 – Black Billed Cuckoo calling here.

June 13, 07 - Depart for wilderness camp in Quebec. A full diary update upon return.

June 13, 08 - Pair of broad-winged hawks calling and circling over house, then diving in flight toward the woods. Wood thrush heard singing in woods.

June 13, 09 - Birding at Cunningham Falls State Park, near Camp David in Maryland. Life bird: an Acadian Flycatcher, found in typical habitat: steep ravine edge in forest dominated by large American beech trees.

June 13, 10 - Photographed Canada anemone at The Glen. A big, beautiful patch of it. Had long look at broad-winged hawk perched in a tree in the yard. A squirrel stared at it quietly from five feet away. Broad-wings obviously do not eat squirrels. However, no chipmunks ventured out in the open while the hawk stayed perched (10 minutes). Female rose-breasted grosbeak has been visiting feeder the last few days.

June 13, 12 - Floated the Delaware River near Hancock, NY. Birds hawking insects over the water included: Rough-winged, Barn and Cliff Swallows, plus Cedar Waxwings and Chimney Swifts. Many Warbling Vireos heard singing along the banks.

June 13, 14 - Scarlet Tanager and House Wren singing near the house this morning.

June 13, 15 - Receive e-mail with photo of Blue-headed Vireo on nest. Wood Thrush and Wood Pewee singing in morning.

June 13, 16 - Received photos from a friend today, showing two fledged Barred Owls perching in a dead pine at Chenango Valley State Park. Second time in recent years that a pair of fledglings has been spotted in the same area.

 June 14. Gobbler and bearded hen seen here. Male hummingbird zipping back and forth in front of female at trumpet vine on driveway. Sideways movements, back and forth, perhaps a distance of 8 inches from side to side, maybe ten times. Then right to the perching female for what looked like 3-4 seconds of copulation. Then one quick vertical ascent by the male and it was over.

June 14, 06 – RB Nuthatch calling in back woods.

June 14, 08 - Doe and fawn in yard at 6:30 a.m. Fawn runs here and there, with mother trying to keep up and keep the little one in line. Doe utters soft grunting sound to communicate with fawn when she wants it to come. At Waterman Center. Birds: common yellowthroat, yellow warbler, blue-winged warbler, black-throated green warbler, ovenbird, field sparrow, goldfinch, yellow-bellied sapsucker, flicker, veery, brown creeper, rose-breasted grosbeak, cedar waxwing, house wren, brown thrasher, catbird, scarlet tanager. Butterflies: black swallowtail. Reptiles: garter snake.

June 14, 09 - First leopard frog of season in our garden pond. Great-crested flycatcher calling very close to the house.

June 14, 10 - At CV State Park, walked Marshman and Easy Out Trails to river overlook. Red-bellied woodpecker, veery, pileated, tanager, bt green warbler, hermit thrush, pewee, creeper. At junction of Power Line Trail and Easy Out: chestnut-sided and indigo bunting.

Photographed partridge berry flowers, poke milkweed, reindeer moss and berries of fly honeysuckle. Found lipped white flower called Cow Wheat – 4 inches tall - with inside of lip splashed with yellow (orange in middle of splash).

June 14, 11 - On the river... Kicked out a juvenile bald eagle in the same spot we saw one several weeks ago. Blue Flag Iris is blooming along riverbanks. Spotted Knapweed blooming in huge beds along I-81. Maiden Pink flowering at boat launch meadow along river.

June 14, 12  - On the river... We encountered three juvenile Bald Eagles within one 100-yard stretch. Two were perched in the same tree. Also had three male Baltimore Orioles fly in front of our kayaks, as they crossed the river. Many Warbling Vireos heard, plus one male Indigo Bunting, singing from the top of a 30-foot dead tree. Numerous Tree Swallows hawking aquatic insects over every riffle we passed through.

June 14, 15 - Wood Pewee singing through the - one of the forest's most reliable singers. Wood Thrush singing at 10 a.m. Penstemon flowering along the road.

June 14, 16 - Flicker was on the lawn today. There is a pair nesting here, but they do not appear often. The same goes for Great Crested Flycatchers, which I also heard today.

June 14, 17 - Floated small river for small-mouth bass. Caught and released one of 18 
inches and two of 15. Excellent look at adult Bald Eagle, which took off from within a hemlock tree as I drifted by. Observed White Admiral butterfly. 

 June 15. Singing: veery, yellowthroat, ovenbird, rb grosbeak, cardinal, wood thrush, catbird.

June 15, 06 – Black locust and tulip trees blooming.

June 15, 08 - Three hen turkeys in the yard, and four Tom turkeys in the woods above. First chicory of the season sighted.

June 15,  09 - Young crow begging food from parent at our compost pile. Calling, fluttering wings, etc. Photographed Silver-spotted Skipper butterfly at salvia. First time in yard.

June 15, 10 - Explored Lily Lake at CV State Park. Photographed Yellow Loosestrife, Swamp Milkweed, Spatterdock, Water Lily, Water Shield, Pitcher Plant and Deadly Nightshade while there.

June 15, 11 - Three fledgling crows in yard, begging from two parents. See '09 entry for this date above.

June 15, 12 - A 150-pound Black Bear exited the woods behind my house and wandered through the yard. I discouraged it from visiting the bird feeder by banging a spoon on a metal pot. The bear wasn't frightened but did change course and head back in the woods.

June 15, 13 - At Waterman Center... Cedar Waxwing, Yellow Warbler, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat, Blue-winged Warbler (h), House Wren, Gray Catbird, Cardinal, Song Sparrow, Hermit Thrush, Veery, Robin, Blue Jay, Scarlet Tanager, Goshawk, Black-capped Chickadee, Eastern Wood Pewee, Eastern Towhee (h)

June 15, 14 - House Wren singing at base of driveway. Wood Pewee in upper woods. Had a nice look at our resident Scarlet Tanager, singing at top of maple at edge of back woods. Tiger Swallowtail in the yard all day, nectaring on flower box plants and Salvia.

June 15, 16 - Observed male Downy Woodpecker feeding female juvenile suet four or five times from the feeder. 

June 15, 17 - Photographed a hen Ruffed Grouse calling to her 6 chicks on a wooded road in northeastern PA. The chicks were very small. Also photographed Brown Thrasher, which was with its mate, plus Cedar Waxwing, which was with 5-6 others near a large pond. Also photographed American Redstart and Field Sparrow.

June 16, 06 – Fished down to the Clay Banks. Water warming but still cool. Many surface strikes. Several big bass. Bald eagle perched in hemlock. I would not have seen it except for an oriole that was scolding it. When I looked up to see the oriole I saw the eagle perched motionless. When I stopped to look at it, it took off and flew upriver, with the oriole chasing. 

June 16, 08 - Found two black swallowtail caterpillars on dill plant purchased at garden center two weeks ago. Dill has been on a screened porch since, so eggs must have been laid there. Much of the dill is gone and the larvae look full-grown. Large turkey gobbler in yard, alone, at 5:30 p.m. Two tail feathers drooping. 10-inch beard. Doe and her fawn in yard twice. Fawn is a bit more stable than a day or two ago. Doe is identifiable by two shiny round growths, larger than marbles, smaller than golf balls, on her neck. Some kind of botfly larval infection?

June 16, 10 - Eastern Comma butterfly landed several times on concrete floor of garage.

June 16, 11 - Floated the Chenango. Two groups of young hooded mergansers, seemingly without parent. These birds were fairly good-sized, diving easily. One encounter with hen common mergansers with six very small chicks in tow. Observed cuckoo fly past, but couldn't tell which species. Many cedar waxwings over the water. Yellow iris along banks. Young great horned owls (2) spotted along bank.

June 16, 12 - Wood Thrush singing at 5:15 a.m. in back woods. Doe and tiny fawn visit the yard again at 3 p.m. Fawn is already adventurous, dashing 20-30 yards from mother to explore. Broad-winged hawk calling and soaring overhead.

 June 16, 13 - Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly around the yard today.

June 16, 14 - House Wren singing from tangle in front of house.

June 16, 15 - Visited Greenwood Park. At wetland, saw site of Brown Creeper nest under large section of peeled bark on a dead tree. The young had recently fledged. Pair of Kingbirds also there. Photographed large Meadow Frog at wetland edge. Many Ebony Jewelwing damselflies fluttering just above the surface of small woodland stream in sunlit clearing.

June 16, 17 - Junco seen bringing nest material into Trumpet Vine on front porch.

June 17. I observe pine siskin in back yard. Bull says they are rare to uncommon nesters in NYS.

June 17, 06 – Fished the Clay Banks. Hooked four fish on hula popper. Two around 14-15 inches. Black-billed Cuckoo flew over the river. Long tail and unique shaped caught my eye.

June 17, 08 - Crown vetch and elderberry now blooming. Black swallowtail butterfly appears to be ready to go into pupa stage. It has assumed a J position on one dill stalk and has been motionless for hours.

June 17, 09 - On the Delaware River near Hancock, NY... Wonderful, close looks at black-and-white, black-throated green and blackburnian warblers. Also in the same wooded spot: veery and wood thrush.

June 17, 10 - At friend's feeder in the woods - four finches at once: cardinal, rose-breasted grosbeak, gold finch and purple finch.

June 17, 11 - Swamp sparrow on exposed perch, singing at edge of Upper Lisle wetland. Thousands of tiny frogs moving across path along dike pond at Upper Lisle. Green bodies with brown spots outlined in black.

June 17, 13 - On the river... A number of Indigo Buntings singing. Three Bald Eagles sighted. One adult flew low over our heads, heading upriver. Several flight feathers were missing. A second adult, with all its feathers, also was sighted. The third eagle was a juvenile almost in possession of a white tail and head.

June 17, 15 - At top of road, at the edge of a housing development, we watch several robins chase a Red-tailed Hawk out of wooded area across the road, and into the development. Also, saw a robin eating honeysuckle fruits from our hedgerow - the first berry eater of the season. At Jones Park... I photograph nest of Blue-headed Vireo. While a bird was singing close to the nest when I got there, I saw no activity in the nest while I was photographing. Nest was a cup in a fork of thin lateral branch 30 feet high. Also found nest hole of Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, also 30 feet high, in large dead forest maple.

June 17, 17 - Blue jays discovered a Broad-winged Hawk perching high in a White Pine by the driveway. It flew into the 
woods after being harassed for several minutes.

June 18, 07 - Phoebes fledge from nest on house.June 18, 08 - Blue jay arrives at feeder area and gives "cry of a hawk" call before landing on the feeder.

June 18, 09 - Black-billed cuckoo sighted at edge between woods and meadow. Not singing.

June 18, 10 - On the river... All the (wonderful) usual suspects: indigo bunting, oriole, warbling vireo, yellow-throated vireo. One hen common merganser with 6 young. Four other hens, keeping company with the mother hen. None had young. Angelica blooming on bank.

June 18, 11 - I hear begging songbird fledglings in the honmeysuckle but can't see them for an ID. Could be phoebes or juncos... Ovenbird does high-altitude display flight and call over woods in late afternoon.

June 18, 13 - Pileated Woodpecker drumming and calling loudly in back woods.

June 18, 15 - Observed a juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker on oak tree in back yard. No red on the red at all. This confirms that we have nesting red-bellieds here. I have heard an adult calling all spring, but have not see a female.

Visited Upper Lisle Barrier Road and Clay Banks in the evening with Thursday evening birding group. We saw five new species for the season: Willow Flycatcher, Osprey (hunting above the lagoon), Green Heron, Great Blue Heron and Northern Rough-winged Swallow along the Otselic River. That brought total species for the 9-class season to 86.

June 18, 16 - Birding in Hancock NY... Redstart, Black and White Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Yellow-throated Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Veery, Least Flycatcher, Baltimore Oriole. The oriole was feeding young at a nest hanging down for outer branch of a large Sycamore. Also observed second Viceroy butterfly of the season, and a Dobsonfly perched on back of Adirondack chair.

June 18, 17 - Second or third Viceroy butterfly of the season seen here. Friend sends me recording of Gray Tree Frogs calling in beaver pond by his house.

June 19, 2002. Kayaking on Tioghnioga River between Whitney Point and Itaska – three bald eagles. Two mature and one immature. 

June 19, 06 – Kayaked to Clay Banks and beyond. Saw mature bald eagle and two juveniles. Mature bird and one juvenile perched in same hemlock I saw them in last week. Same adult oriole scolding the eagle – perching about four feet above it – tipped me off to its presence again. Saw two cuckoos fly over river. Long tails and russet on wings tipped them off. Carp spawning against river bank in wide shallow section above bridge and before Clay Banks. Blue flag iris in bloom. Damselflies of two species seen: Ebony Jewelwing (all dark wing, blue body) and River Jewelwing (two tone wing, green body). Caught two bass of 14 and 12 inches. Lost several larger fish and had several more strikes. Fished hula popper most of time, then switched to wounded zara spook. It elicited two heavy strikes. River gauge above Clay Banks is at 1 foot. River just high enough to float without grounding out. Holes perfect for fishing. 

June 19, 08 - Ovenbird does its evening display flight, rocketing up from forest floor to 50 feet high, then calling loudly in voice unlike its characteristic "teacher, teacher" song.

June 19, 09 - Another day on the Delaware. Watched a bald eagle fly upriver at treetop level, being chased by a male redwing blackbird. Several kingbirds observed at river's edge. Many yellow warblers singing. Discovered junco nest with four eggs in window box off back of house. Beautifully camouflaged.?

June 19, 11 - Yellowthroat singing below the road. Great-crested flycatcher gives brief "wheep!" in side woods.

June 19, 12 - Photographed in an overgrown meadow today. Very good shots of Prairie Warbler and Catbird. Also observed Brown Thrasher and Eastern Towhee. Green and Bull Frogs calling in small pond on property. Green Darner dragonfly patrolling. Photographed Unicorn Clubtail dragonfly. Painted Turtles basking on log in middle of pond.

June 19, 15 - Great Crested Flycatcher calling upper woods in morning.

June 19, 17 - Pair of Cardinals fly into spruce by garden pond. Junco building nest in Trumpet Vine on porch. Starting to see a few butterflies and 
dragonflies, after a cool, wet spring. Today: White Admiral, Pearl Crescent, Black and Tiger Swallowtails and Monarch.

June 20. Sapsuckers busily feeding young at Chris’s. Both parents constantly at nest hole. Loud peeping from within nest hole.

June 20, 08 - Brown thrasher nest discovered in rhododenron bushes - empty. One fledgling had been heard earlier, peeping from nearby bushes. Nest is large, with cup being nearly baseball-sized. Made of sticks.

June 20, 09 - Monsoon! Downpour in the afternoon turns local rivers chocolate brown. Minutes after the rain finally abated, cedar waxwings were feeding on thorn apple berries and ovenbirds were singing. A pileated woodpecker called loudly while moderate rain was falling. After ten minutes or so, another bird joined it, feeding in a white pine they already had excavated.

June 20, 10 - Wood thrush sings very briefly at 5:15 a.m. Tanager also sings, later in morning. Broad-winged hawk calling and soaring overhead. Discovered robin nest at top of trellis that holds up a mass of trumpet vine. Impossible to notice if the female had not flown in and out several times while I watched from inside the house.

June 20, 13 - Visited Lindsay-Parsons Preserve near Danby. Observed a Clay-colored Sparrow singing there - rare for this area. Habitat was an overgrown field starting to fill in with multi-flora and other shrubs.

June 20, 16 - Wood Thrush sings late in the previous evening and again in the very early morning.

June 20, 17 - In Northeastern PA... Traveled 4-mile-long road through deep forest. Observed and heard approximately 12 Red-eyed Vireos, 6 American Redstarts, 5 Black-and-white Warblers, 1 Black-throated Blue Warbler, 2 Black-throated Green Warblers, 1 Scarlet Tanager, 2 Veeries, 1 Wood Thrush, 1 Pileated Woodpecker, 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and 1 Wood Pewee.
Here at home... First Common Whitetail dragonfly seen - a male.

June 21. Gobbler still gobbling. Cedar waxwings (5-6) gobbling honeysuckle berries. Saw one eat 6 at a sitting.

June 21, 06 – Hermit thrush singing above driveway at 8 a.m. Wood thrush also has been singing of late. World’s End State Park near Eagles Mere. Canyon Vista is good view of Loyalsock Creek. Walked Pioneer Road Trail. Many towering basswoods. Thick with striped maple. Flushed female mourning warbler from thicket in sunny forest clearing. Heard and saw several singing black-throated blue warblers. Saw overbird flutter off steep bank and parachute to the ground below us – a broken wing variation. Junco scolding and seemingly everywhere at once without being seen. Walked Link Trail along stream with numerous small waterfalls. Many ferns – wood, New York, Christmas. Blue cohosh gone to seed. Leeks lost their leaves and show only long spindly shoot with bud at end. Stork Bill blooming – five pink petals with fern-like leaves. In geranium family.

June 21, 07 - Wood thrush singing in woods behind house. First one heard here this year.

June 21, 08 - Pileated drumming loudly in morning. Pair of catbirds both with food in mouths appear on split rail fence before disappearing inside honeysuckle hedge. Obviously a nest in there.

June 21, 09 - Waxwings continue feeding on ripe honeysuckle berries. Lone pileated woodpecker flies into tree at edge of yard without making any sound, flashing white on the wings gave it away.

June 21, 11 - Broad-winged Hawk circling and calling over house. 

June 21, 13 - Sharp-shinned hawk circling over the house, with several small songbirds harassing it while keeping their distance.

June 21, 14 - Cardinal pair feeding a fledgling at the feeder. Tanager singing right in front of the house.

June 21, 15 - Grandson Ben is here. We spent time observing the garden pond. A few toad tadpoles still in residence, along with numerous water striders. The first meadow frog of the season also observed in the water.

June 21, 16 - Paddled around local wetland. Many Green Frogs twanging away. Found a Kingbird sitting on eggs on nest hanging over the water.

June 21, 17 - Phoebe has been singing here for the past 4-5 days.

June 22 - Equinunk, Pa. We find tumble mustard growing in poor soil along Equinunk Creek. All the sycamores in the valley look very weak – very little foliage. Dave has 5-6 cliff swallow nests on his house.

June 22, 07 - Photographed newly emerged red admiral butterfly. Birded at Jones Park, where several wood thrushes were singing at at 7:45 p.m. Crown vetch blooming along roads. First black-eyed Susans.

Bird List for Jones Park, Vestal, NY - June 22: Prairie Warbler, Veery, Wood Thrush, Chipping Sparrow, Field Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco,Towhee, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-eyed Vireo, Indigo Bunting, Goldfinch, Blue Jay, Robin, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Mourning Dove, Broad-winged Hawk.

June 22, 08 - Black swallowtail larva I've been watching has become a chrysalis on stalk of dill plant. Indigo bunting, scarlet tanager singing.

June 22, 09 - Heard broad-winged hawk calling and thought it was overhead. Instead it took off from tree by the driveway and disappeared into thicker woods. Pileated woodpecker drumming loudly.

June 22, 11 - Screech owl calling loudly just behind house at 3 a.m.

June 22, 12 - Scarlet Tanager sang for a few minutes this afternoon. Have not heard it for some time. Female Common Whitetail dragonfly perched on wood pile. Photographed Painted Lady butterfly.

June 22, 12 – Wood thrush sings for two minutes, starting at 4:45 a.m.

June 22, 14 - Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak at feeder. First sighting in weeks. Phoebe singing in side woods. First time in weeks. Sapsucker appeared on the Scotch Pine, drilling in the usual spot. Unusual at this time of year. Spotted Knapweed (lavender) and Wild Parsley (yellow) growing in profusion along roadsides.

 June 22, 15 - Heard Broadwinged Hawk calling overhead. Looked up to see it circling high above. Then I saw two other, smaller hawks, also circling in the same area. At one point, one of them chased the other briefly. They were the same shape as the calling Broad-wing but smaller. Recently fledged juveniles?

June 22, 16 - Exploring in Wayne County, Pa... Saw Tiger and Black Swallowtails, White Admiral, Pearl Crescent butterflies. A number of meadows have been cut for hay, but we did find several where Bobolinks were still in attendance.

June 22, 17 - Kayaking on the river... Dozens of Common Whitetail dragonflies chasing along the banks. Each one has its favorite perch. Numerous clumps of wild Blue Flag Iris in bloom, also along the banks. Great Blue Heron croaking loudly from a perch somewhere. A Green Heron goes me a fly-by. Green frogs twanging. Elderberry  and Red-osier Dogwood in flower.
Around here... Red-breasted Nuthatch calling. Also, we surprised a Gray Fox as it entered the back yard from the woods. We were exiting the screen porch. When it saw us, it did a rapid about face and ran back in the woods.

June 23, 01 - Evening walk at Oakley corners. Indigo bunting. Wood betony (lousewort). Hermit, veery, woodthrush singing. Black-throated green. Tanager. Purple finch singing along trail below house in afternoon.

June 23, 02 – Adult Cooper’s or Sharpie kills chipmunk below feeder beside driveway. I hear a loud squeek. Look down. The bird has skewered the chipmunk and is standing upon it. The bird looks about constantly, for about 30 seconds. Bright red eye in the binocs. When the chipmunk has stopped resisting, the bird flies away with its prey, low, through a cut in the woods I’ve made to create a walking path.

June 23, 06 – Paddled Chenango. 70 degrees. Thunderstorms approaching. Perfect water conditions. Gauge at 2.9 feet but no surface action at all. Many indigo buntings. Occasional yellow-throated vireos and warbling vireos. Mother hooded merganser and about six ducklings. We get to within 15 feet and they all dive. The mother flops down river doing her broken wing act. We see only one duckling after that. It pops up about 20 feet away and then immediately dives again. See oriole with yellow breast and black head. Could be immature male or female Baltimore. Kingfisher family of 5-6 very loud and active. Swamp milkweed beginning to bloom. Yellow flag still blooming.

June 23, 07 - Scarlet tanager sang for two hours this morning. Hadn't heard him at all for at least two weeks. Broad-winged hawk called loudly as it circled the house very low. Circled several times before drifting away. Robins are feeding young at nest on house. Juncos have built nest in clematis vine on trellis against garage. 

June 23, 08 - Wood thrush singing at 7:30 a.m. Pileated woodpecker drumming. Bobolink meadow above house filled with birds, including young. Observed flying peregrine falcons from 7th floor window of Security Mutual Building. Four young fledged from the building's nest this spring. Several were swopping about, keeping a flock of 100 pigeons in turmoil.

June 23, 09 - On the river... Immature bald eagle soaring overhead. Got within 25 feet of two young muskrats at river's edge. They munched as we passed, then did their standard surface dives ad disappeared. First butter and eggs of the season growing on bank. Beautiful white admiral butterfly on riverside shrub. Pair of osprey circling above us. Many tree swallows and cedar waxwings. Two fuzzy chicks in kingbird nest on dead branch overhanging the river by no more than five feet.

June 23, 11 - Discovered Luna Moth on post along driveway at 9 a.m. Gone by 3 p.m. Doe with twin fawns in yard. First sighting of twins.

June 23, 12 - Sat near sunflower feeder with camera at a friend's wooded home. Birds coming and going landed in a nearby dead pine. I photographed them there: Goldfinch, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Bluejay, Mourning Dove. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was drumming during all this, so I entered the woods and got a few photos. Scarlet Tanager also was singing, as it was at my house during the day.

June 23, 14 - Painted Lady butterfly drinking from our creeping thyme.

June 23, 15 - Bird sighting of the day: One hummer chased another from the feeder to the edge of the woods. Then, just inside those woods and three feet high, it must have cornered its intended target, because it started zigging back and forth - three feet this way; three feet that - for about 15 seconds. 

June 23, 16 - Flicker flew up from tall grass by the driveway. Still with us. Same goes for Great Crested Flycatchers, which were calling from the woods.

June 23, 17 - Great Crested Flycatcher singing in upper woods. Common Whitetails around our stone walls.

June 24, 01 – Black-throated green singing all morning just below split rail fence. Broad-wing calling. Tanager, great crested flycatcher singing.

June 24, 02 – Photograph purple martins at Binghamton Country Club. ?Wood peewee heard for first time. Sings most of the day.

June 24, 07 - Photographed male and female cabbage white butterflies on salvia. Observed mating. Working in the lower yard, I heard one note from what I was sure was a blue-headed vireo. I spished and a beautiful one appeared overhead in a honey locust. Also in the tree at the same time were wood pewee, phoebe and red-eyed vireo. 

June 24, 08 - Broad-winged hawk calling actively.

June 24 - 09 - Morning cloak butterfly in the yard.

June 24, 11 - Kayaked at Long Lake State Forest. Many Water Lilies and Spatterdock in bloom. Alder Flycatcher calling at boat launch area. Elderberry beginning to flower. Here at home... first Black Trumpet mushrooms discovered under white oaks by lower stream.

June 24, 12 - Wood Thrush singing in the morning - back woods. Pileated woodpecker very active, calling and drumming back woods. Great Crested Flycatcher also calling. Haven't heard him in several weeks.

June 24, 13 - Male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker seen frequently around the yard. Usually, much deeper in the woods. No sign of young, but I think the male may be keeping track of recent fledglings.

June 24, 14 - Great-crested Flycatcher calling below the house.

June 24, 15 - Did the birding loop in northern PA near Hancock. In wooded section, we saw Redstart and heard Black-throated Green and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Also saw Indigo Bunting in sunny clearing. Spished a Red-eyed Vireo to within 15 feet. A the edge of wetland in sunny area, we saw Baltimore Oriole and Cedar waxwing. At water's edge, many Widow Skimmer dragonflies were flying about. Driving through some large hilltop meadows, we heard Eastern Meadowlark singing. Through binocs, we saw 4-5 meadowlarks flying together and landing in tall grass of meadow. We also saw at least 10 Bobolinks flying and landing together - a number of them fledged juveniles. At another hilltop field, we saw at least 6 male Bobolinks singing and fluttering about. Also saw more juveniles. None of the meadows on our route has been cut yet. It looks like the meadowlarks and bobolinks have had plenty of time to raise their young. At the same meadow, we observed a pair of Eastern Kingbirds. On the way home, we encountered a Ruffed Grouse crossing the road. Butterflies: Painted Lady (1), White Admiral (6), Monarch (at least 6 fluttering over milkweed at edge of field). Wildflowers photographed: Pasture Rose, Daisy Fleabane. Tree flowers photographed: Staghorn Sumac.

June 25 – Indigo bunting singing in yard.

June 25, 01 – Coyotes yapping around 4 a.m. toward IJ’s land. Not many by the sound. Wood thrush sings from 5 to 6 a.m. GC flycatcher.  

June 25, 02- Waxwings feasting on honeysuckle berries.

June 25, 07 - Elderberries blooming now, as are first day lilies. A few catalpa trees still flowering. Robins on the house are feeding young. The gaping mouths of the youngsters now appear over the edge of the nest when the parents return with food. Chipping sparrow young are twittering about. I see three of them, sheperded by a guarding parent wherever they go. Broad-winged hawk glided from perch in woods in front of house to woods on the other side of the road.

June 25, 08 - Blue-headed vireo singing on lower lawn - second year for this species here. Crown vetch thick on roadsides.

June 25, 09 - Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Main pool has been drained to encourage the growth of emergent vegetation. Two active purple martin houses at visitor center. Several bald eagles circling overhead. Osprey nesting on power pole along Route 20 near entrance. 30 great blue herons concentrated in narrow channel of water created by draw-down conditions. Four great egrets flying overhead. Canada anemones growing in grassy area along Seneca Trail. At Howland Island Wildlife Management Area. Singing male cerulean warbler on wooded path along Erie Canal.

June 25, 10 - Purple finch singing here loudly. Surely appears to be nesting. Robin brooding eggs amid tangles off trumpet vine on front porch. Ovenbird performs high altitude (150 feet) singing performance. Cooper's hawk glides though yard!

June 25, 11 - Robins building nest within dense foliage of trumpet vine on porch. Found another patch of black trumpet mushrooms in upper woods.

June 25, 12 - Photographed pair of Barred Owls at edge of a Broome County swamp. Both birds were feathered out, but not fully. Both could fly, but not as well as an adult. They stayed within a few yards of one another in full daylight. Also: Observed Great-spangled Fritillary and Silver-spotted Skipper butterflies nectaring on flowering Milkweed. Six Bank Swallows flying above colony (dozens of nest holes) in sandy bank on Chenango River tributary. Tall, yellow Wild Parsnip now flowering along many local roadways.                  

June 25, 13 - Wood Thrush singing in back woods, close to house, at 5 a.m. The bird sang for two minutes, then stopped. Typical behavior. Four broad-winged hawks circling high over the house and calling. Parents with two recently fledged young. Found a red-tailed hawk tail feather near the stream in lower woods.

June 25, 14 - Cedar Waxwings have arrived to feed on ripened honeysuckle berries. Male Rose-brested Grosbeak at the sunflower feeder.

June 25, 15 - YB Sapsucker has been drumming almost every day all month. We also have been seeing fireflies every night in June. Still seeing them. Milkweed now blooming along local roadsides.

June 26, 07 - Juncos definitely nesting clematis vine by garage. I peered in and one of the pair hurried out. Wood thrush singing just after dawn on during a three-day heat wave.

June 26, 08 - A red-eyed vireo came within 15-20 feet to scold me as I walked through the woods. Nasal scolding call is unique.

June 26, 11 - On the river... Three or four Indigo Buntings singing along bank. Heard wo more singing along road on drive home. First Canada Lily spotted. Red Osier Dogwood blooming profusely, as is Elderberry. Swamp Milkweed in flower also.      June 26, 13 - Watched a Chipping Sparrow take a bath in the garden pond. 

June 26, 14 - On the river... River cloudy and at 2.2 - high but wonderful level. Very lush vegetation and murky water made me think of rivers in tropical forests. A nice selection birds, including Indigo Bunting, Kingbird, Spotted Sandpiper, Oriole and Bald Eagles. Tall Meadow Rue is now blooming along roadways. Also seen in numbers: Canada Lily. At home... Chickadee young have fledged and are following their parents around. I saw 4 together in large Norway spruce in back yard.

June 26, 16 - Juvenile Chipping Sparrow feeding with adult under the feeder. Chased the adult when it flew away.

June 27, 07 - Chipping sparrow young constantly in yard. I imitate their lisping call and immediately attract an adult, ready to feed me. 

June 27, 08 - Elderberry in bloom. Also red osier dogwood. Milkweed, bird's-foot trefoil, monkey flower, St. John’s wort also in bloom. Cedar waxwings starting to appear over yard with more frequency, now that honeysuckle berries have ripened.

June 27, 09 - Wood thrush singing in back woods. Red russula mushrooms appearing on forest floor.

June 27, 11 - Observe hovering kestrel over median on I-88 near Belden Hill.

June 27, 12 - Silver-spotted Skipper butterfly nectaring on lavender in yard. 

June 27, 15 - Male hummingbird has been at the dining room feeder several times today. We can go days without seeing him. 

June 27, 16 - Family of 4-5 crows now cruising the woods and road. Nasal calls of the juveniles are unmistakable.

June 28, 07 - I've been hearing the nasal calls of recently fledged crows for several days. Great-crested flycatcher calls at 6 p.m. Haven't heard one here in weeks. Inordinate number of cabbage white butterflies around salvia and other garden flowers. Ovenbird does its evening display flight. Complete with loud and unique call while airborne. I surprise a doe and twin fawns at yard edge. They are nervous, but not her. She knows me like a book.

June 28, 08 - On the river... Kingbird perches on shrub at river's edge. Several pairs of veeries singing. Day lilies flowering along the banks. Great-spangled fritillaries feeding on milkweed flowers. Easter comma butterfly in wooded glade. 

June 28, 09 - At river's edge... Four tiger swallowtails drinking in mud puddle. Surrounded by 10 or so cabbage butterflies. In mud on the riverbank, four comma butterflies doing the same thing. On the river... lovely morning glory-like bindweed flowers in bloom. Elderberry and Red-osier Dogwood beginning to flower. 

June 28, 11 - Observe life bird - Wilson's Storm Petrel outside Barnegate Harbor on Cape Cod.

June 28, 12 - On the river....numerous Tiger Swallowtails on mud banks. See '09 above. Birds most frequently singing: Indigo Bunting, Warbling Vireo, Yellow-throated Vireo. Floated under a juvenile Bald Eagle, perched in tall silver Maple. When bird flew, it showed tail turning white. Red-winged Blackbird chased it downriver. A good number of Rough-winged Swallows also. 

June 28, 13 - Heard a loud buzzing sound at the garage window. A female hummingbird had gotten inside the garage and was trying to get out through the glass. I couldn't shoo her out with a broom, so I had to catch her with my hand. She hunkered in a corner of the window, so this became easy. So tiny. Her head was the size of a garden pea. And her jet-black eye was the size of a pinhead. When I opened my hand she flew immediately upward to the top of an ash tree at the edge of the driveway.

June 28, 14 - Yellowthroat singing from brushy area below the road. Phoebe appeared on a chair on the side deck. Second nesting? Purple Finch singing.

June 28, 15 - Observed a pair of male Robins feeding in the side yard, ten feet apart. We have had two pairs in the yard at the same time all spring and into the summer. The males tolerate each other - barely. They must have nests on either side of the house and meet when they are feeding. 

June 28, 16 - Red-bellied Woodpecker feeding juvenile suet from feeder. Male Purple Finch perched on feeder in late afternoon. Pearl Crescent butterflies in the yard.

June 29, 02 – Immature bald eagle circling over pond at Upper Lisle. Also willow flycatcher.

June 29, 06 – Capture banded hairstreak on driveway. Photograph female common whitetail on rock wall in back yard. Photos of catalpa flowers and leaves. European skippers and cabbage whites feeding on lavender. Fledgling bluejays fluttering wings at parents.

June 29, 07 - Broadwinged hawk calling pwee-eee while circling overhead. Its activity level has increased in the past week. Junco is sitting on nest in clermatis vine. I can see her pink bill as I peer into the vine from a safe distance. Photographed an American Painted Lady butterfly. Bold eye spots on undersides of front and hind wings. Chestnut-sided warbler singing near water tank. I've heard it several times this week while driving by with the windows open. Birding at private residence in Apalachin: bunting, goldfinch, great-crested flycatcher, song sparrow, chipping sparrow, field sparrow, sapsucker, flicker, wood thrush, bluebirds (fledglings with parents). 

June 29, 08 - Insistent chipping from wood's edge during the afternoon. Chipping sparrow young are fledgling. Northern pearly-eye butterfly appears around house in late afternoon. Flies into the garage and rests a couple times. They are butterflies of rocky deciduous woods and clearings in those woods - a perfect description for my place. Pattern of circles on hind-wings are distinctive. I discover meadow frog in perennial bed. Large roundish spots are a good field mark.

June 29, 09 - Howland Island Wildlife Mgt. Area near Port Byron, NY - Good look at singing cerulean warbler. Also numerous redstarts. Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - beautiful black terns hunting over Tschache Pool. Also there pied-billed grebe with two young, flock of 20 coot, several juvenile bald eagles and a pair of trumpeter swans with four young.

June 29, 10 - Bog Trail at CV State Park. Photographed Swamp Skullcap, Smooth Rose, Burr Reed, Indian Hemp, Sassafras leaves.

June 29, 11 - Photograph Blue Dasher dragonfly on Cape Cod.

June 29, 14 - Scarlet tanager singing again today. It has been very vocal for the past week. Northern Pearly Eye butterfly trapped at window in garage. See this date in 2008. Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak squeaking at the feeder.

June 29, 15 - A Red Admiral butterfly sunned on rocks in lower garden for minutes this afternoon. Late in the day, a Great Spangled Fritillary nectared on Creeping Tyme by garden pond. At noon, 6 Chimney Swifts hunted low over the State Street Bridge.

June 29, 16 - Paddled my local wetland this morning. Encountered a hen mallard in shallow water, with 15 chicks trailing behind. Photographed Swamp Milkweed. 

June 30, 06 - Male common whitetail (pale blue body) on fence rail here. Doe with twins and doe with very small fawn in yard at 7:30 a.m. Tanager singing. Sapsucker drumming. Bunting singing along road at mom’s.

June 30, 07 - Photographed Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly. Underside is perfectly camouflaged to resemble dead leaves. On the Chenango River, at least 6 rough-winged swallows feeding over the river. A lone female hooded merganser, plus a mother common merganser and 12 chicks, quite small, and unable to fly.

June 30, 08 - Encounter adult junco with juvenile on driveway. Juvenile's breast is streaked with charcoal. Chipping sparrow feeding fledglings. It perches on wire with food in mouth. They utter their begging calls from inside the holly shrub. Broad-winged hawks still calling actively.

June 30, 10 - On the river... Bald Eagle flying downriver, harassed by blackbirds. Numerous waxwings and swallows overhead. Several kingbirds hawking insects. Wild Parsnip blooming along roadsides. Female common merganser with 6 young.

June 30, 12 - Adult junco scolded me from tree at edge of woods. Juvenile perched in same tree, making soft begging sounds. June 30, 2008 above.

June 30, 13 - Watched a red fox trying to catch chipmunks that were feeding in tall grass under a bird feeder. The fox hopped up and down in several spots around the feeder until one chipmunk  ran for the woods. The fox chased - amazingly fast. The chipmunk made it to the woods, where both mammals disappeared from view.

June 30, 14 - On the river. Floated directly underneath an adult Bald Eagle, perched 30 feet high in an overhanging tree. Heard 6 Indigo Buntings singing. Day Lilies blooming along the bank and along roadsides. Also Bird's Foot Trefoil. At home... A female Purple Finch appeared at the feeder, then flew up into maple beside it. A young bird immediately began begging from her.

June 30, 15 - At noon, the sound of scolding robins filled the air in the side yard. Standing on the front deck, I watched a juvenile red-tailed hawk decide enough was enough and fly out of the yard and down the hill, with robins in close pursuit.

Also saw three White-breasted Nuthatches keeping close company at edge of yard. First sign of family group from that species. 

June 30, 16 - Male and female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at the feed. Heard Scarlet Tanager, Wood Pewee and Wood Thrush singing. Spangled Fritillary flew across yard.




































































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