Life Forms of the Moment:
Spring Flowers

White Trillium
Trillium in Latin means "three." This plant features three petals, three protective leaves called sepals behind them and three larger, heavily-veined leaves behind them.

Wild Geranium
I find this lovely June flower in open woods and along roadside ditches.

May Apple
The "apples" on May Apples are hiding beneath their large, umbrella-shaped leaves (see photo below). This is a woodland flower, preferring rich, loamy soil.

Red Trillium
Another popular common name for this trillium is "Wake Robin."

Painted Trillium
Subtle, but distinctive, the tinge of pink "paint" in this flower's center makes it easy to identify.

Virginia Bluebell
Also called "Mertensia," the bluebell is a plant of rich bottomlands. I often find it along riverbanks.

Pink Ladyslipper
The "Mocassin Flower"loves acidic soil. Look for it getting nutrition from fallen needles under large pine trees.

Dame's Rocket
Huge beds of this lovely"alien" thrive along sunny roadsides. Often mistaken for Phlox, Dame's Rocket features four petals while Phlox boasts five.

Photos by Rick Marsi

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