More Costa Rica Photos From February, 2018

This Green Violet-ear already has its tongue extended as it lands on a feeder.

Hummingbird feeders that require birds to hover while feeding provide good photographs.

A pair of Silver-throated Tanagers admire a freshly halved papaya just skewered on nails at this feeder.

There's a Plain-colored Tanager and a Flame-colored Tanager in Costa Rica. It's not hard deciding which of them is this bird.

This is the same papaya, but the tanager and several other birds have dined on it before this female Golden-browed Chlorophonia gets her chance.

Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific on the other. Brown Pelicans are found on both bodies of water.

This pelican is resting after having dived repeatedly into a tidal pool just visible about the splashing foam. Beyond that, a huge wave curls before breaking.

For ten years or more, I've seen a lone Whimbrel patrolling the beach I visit on the Pacific Coast's Nicoya Peninsula. These birds nest in the Arctic. I'm sure I'm seeing the same bird every year.

The same goes for this lone Solitary Sandpiper. One and only one scampers about on the beach every year, climbing about on rocks at low tide. These birds nest along the rivers I kayak in upstate New York.

Photos by Rick Marsi
All Rights Reserved