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A few photos from mid-August...

Given the shortness of their legs, Green Herons can only hunt in deep water when they do so by perching on a floating log or one that overhangs the water.

The reptile is inanimate. The amphibian is alive. We get Meadow Frogs in our garden pond every summer.

These Short-horned Grasshoppers used a purple coneflower in our garden as a mating perch. There's a distinct size difference between genders. I'll ket you decide which is male and which female.

In the "drab can be beautiful" category, I offer up the Eastern Wood Pewee. This little flycatcher lives in our forest. As August progresses, it perches more and more often where the forest edge meets our lawn. There it waits for flying insects to pass before dashing out to catch them in mid-air. 

Joe-pye-weed is one of my favorite late summer wildflowers. It's top on the list for butterflies, too, including this Tiger Swallowtail. Migrating Monarchs often stop at day's end to fill up on this flower's nectar.

These Robins left their nest on August 10. I'm guessing they were their parents' second brood this summer.

I stopped along the roadside to photograph a lovely clump of Wild Bergamot. As I worked into position, a Hummingbird Sphinx Moth appeared and began siphoning nectar from numerous blossoms.

Photos by Rick Marsi
All rights reserved.