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New "AFLOAT ON THE SEA OF CORTEZ" photo album in "Galleries"
In my column of July 25/26, I write about the joys of group camping far from cities and towns. Here are a few of my favorite camping photos...

Early morning at a campsite in Russia. While the rest of us slept in tents (right), my friend Nicolai (standing) slept by the fire.

One of the joys of wilderness camping: skinny dipping in a chilly Quebec lake on a sweltering day.

This was quite the excursion. Four Russian men and one American softie, camping somewhere in a dark and dense forest. Boots and camo gear provided by my comrades.

Another joy: the afternoon siesta after setting up camp on an uninhabited island on the Susquehanna River. I can't remember, but I'm assuming the two guys with cigars were not asleep when I took this photo.

Snow is on the ground, but my best Russian friends (left to right - Grigori, Vladimir and Nicolai) will make sure the campfire keeps me warm.

Photos by Rick Marsi
July, 2015
All rights reserved.