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Photos from a July trip to the Sierra Nevada near Sierra Valley, California...

This area,  north of Lake Tahoe, is considered the "low" Sierra, with peaks - including the Sierra Buttes shown here over Sardine Lake - not exceeding 7,000 feet. 

White-headed Woodpeckers are restricted to mountain pine forests in the west. This male is foraging on a Red Fir at the Yuba Pass Campground, altitude 6,700 feet. 

Bluets are in the damselfly family, related to dragonflies. An easy way to tell the two families apart is to observe how they place their wings when at rest. Damsels fold them overhead. Dragons flatten them out. 

Up close and personal with a giant Red Fir covered with lichens. 

Horned Larks love barren ground. I found this one perched on a barbed wire fence in a vast flatland of sagebrush. 

In almost all the West, water is a precious commodity, both for humans and wildlife. Standing on the Marble Hole Bridge in Sierra Valley,  I am surrounded by swooping Cliff Swallows, White-faced Ibis (one bird shown here in black) in flight and White Pelicans on the water. 

Visiting Yuba Pass, we looked up to see 100 White Pelicans soaring overhead. Updrafts from both sides of the pass were giving them all the lift they needed.
Photos by Rick Marsi
All rights reserved.