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Photos from mid-January in Central New York State. 

I marvel at the toughness of birds that can stay here in winter. Ducks are a prime example. These are Buffleheads (male on the left) I found on a pond that had not frozen over. 

Joining them were 7-8 diving ducks called Hooded Mergansers. Males are the ones sporting white "hoods". 

After very cold weather, our rivers fill with chunks of floating ice. That doesn't bother this pair of Mallards I watched feeding with their heads under water. Note the ice sliding along the hen's body. 

When the female Mallard spotted me, she did what most wild ducks do when they spy a human: depart with all possible speed. 

This is what a wooded stream looks like after 10 days of frigid weather. A trickle of moving water carries bubbles down a tiny waterfall. 

Water-tolerant Sycamores grow commonly along our rivers. Their peeling greenish-white bark gives them away. This one looked especially ghostly on a gray afternoon. 

There is no doubt that feeding birds in winter helps many of them survive. Woodpeckers - in this case a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - are especially fond of suet.

Photos by Rick Marsi

All rights reserved.