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Listing of July sightings in "Diary"
New photos of Summer Butterflies in "Bonus Content" at left
Seek out these summer flora and fauna during early and mid-July...

Look for Widow Skimmers around ponds, lakes and slow streams. They also can be found in open country meadows and along roadsides. Males chase each other during territorial disputes.

Although Juncos typically build nests tucked under overhangs along forest trails, or within the tangled roots of an upturned tree, they sometimes nest in hanging flower pots. In this case, these baby juncos hatched inside the leaves of a clematis vine on a trellis.

Red Admirals in summer occupy various habitats, including sunlit forest clearings, stream sides, moist fields and even city parks. Their caterpillars feed on the foliage of Stinging Nettles.

Wild Parsnip is growing by the thousands along local roadsides this July. It is an alien invasive plant with sap that can burn when touched. So don't pick it!

Cedar Waxwings eat both fruit and insects. In July, look for them hawking insects over streams and rivers. As summer progresses, and fruit ripens, they turn their attention to a variety of berries.

Also called the Black Chanterelle, the Black Trumpet mushroom should be plentiful in local woodlands now, due to the rainy June we've had. I often find them under Red and White Oaks. They resemble leaf litter and are often overlooked. Did I mention they are delicious?

Photos by Rick Marsi

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